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27.01.2017 PRESS RELEASE Regarding Bhati Village School

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On the auspicious occasion of the 68th Republic Day, the Delhi Government has publicised on the Agenda of the Education disseminating on their achievements which were hereby held misleading and deluding by the Hon’ble M.P Sh. Ramesh Bidhuri (South Delhi). The Hon’ble High Court taking cognizance in the matter of the construction of a permanent structure for a government-run school in the Bhati Village deliberated that it is evidently clear that the Education Department sought the requisite consent from the Forest Department on 10 Oct’ 2016, but to the factum that no response was observed nor made from the Forest Department’s side, the construction work could not commence and this invariably is the result of the inefficiency of the Delhi Government.

This tactic of delaying the project and the execution is being deliberately done by the Delhi Government as their ulterior motto is to demean and disrepute Sh. Ramesh Bidhuri as the delay caused shall be ignominious. To the irony, that under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna the Bhati Village has been adopted by Sh. Ramesh Bidhuri and in order to succeed in their malafide intentions the Delhi government has never skipped any opportunity to do so. With reference to the development works numerous meetings were duly conducted with Hon’ble LG, CM, Dy. CM, Chief Secretary, Delhi Govt. There have been numerous instances followed with innumerable written correspondence made time to time and enumerate some dates of the written correspondence made in this reference are:-

  • 18/04/16, 22/09/16, 15/10/16 – (Marked to the L.G)
  • 05/01/16, 11/04/16, 29/07/16 – (Marked to the CM)
  • 16/05/16 – (Marked to the Dy. CM)
  • 16/07/15 – ( Marked to the C.S, Delhi Government)

It is further submitted on 14/08/16, a meeting was conducted with Smt. Niharika Rai (Dy. Commr, South Distt.). it was conveyed that,

‘Providing 30 bighas of land for infrastructure: – Regarding exchange of approximately 30 bighas of Forest land with Gaon Sabha land for development of the school, technical institute etc., it is was informed that when the matter was put up to Hon’ble Revenue Minister, GNCT of Delhi for placing the same before Ridge Development Board, Hon’ble Minister has recorded that the land in the case may be taken from DDA‘   ( Excerpts of the Minutes of the meeting dated 14.08.16 )

It is evidently clear from the aforesaid that the intentions are of to defer the development to the furtherance that the ground fact is that in the nearby area there is no piece of land that belongs to the DDA. On 19/10/16, on the due directions of the Hon’ble L.G, the Chief Forest Conservator, Delhi Government Sh. A. K Shukla with Sh. Amjad Tank (Dy. Commr, South) the site was inspected with reference to the Land exchange but as usual, no observations have ever been recorded from their side nor any step in this regard was taken.

Despite of endless efforts made in this regard to obtain the consent with reference to the impending construction of the school in the Bhati village and the appropriate action which is not being taken by the Delhi Govt conspicuously shows the incapability and the incompetence of the government. A huge mass of land is lying vacant in the Bhati village but despite of the said the government is doing nothing and neither intends to act in the matter. Delhi Government is only misleading the public by their normal practice of deceiving the innocent with their sugar-coated promises as always made by them. Today the Hon’ble High Court expounding on the matter recorded the incompetence of the Delhi Government, henceforth holding the allegations as made by Sh. Ramesh Bidhuri, true and correct.