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16.Jul.2014 || DHARNA OKHLA DJB

By June 16, 2015October 28th, 2021No Comments

The People of Tughlakabad Assembly organized a Picket due to Pathetic problem of Water Scarcity.

Today on dated 16 June 2015, Thousands of people organized a picket in the guidance of Hon’ble MP Shri Ramesh Bidhuri Ji (South Delhi) and former anticipatory Mr. Vikram Bidhuri (Tughlakabad assembly) at Delhi Jal Board located at Okhla Ph-2 (South-4) regarding Water Crisis. Due to the problem of water scarcity, Mr. Ramesh Bidhuri said that ever since AAP’s Govt is ruling in delhi thereafter water supply has not been given to a huge part of Tughlakabad village and assembly rather selected people are only having absolute supply of water and the poors are being oppressed by the partiality. AAP party’s Personnel are running delhi jal board and DJB officers are also sending water supply after asking them. On one side Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Kejriwal says that 700 litres water will have been supplied to everyone but now wherever we see people are having very rough time of it. MLA and personnel of party are asking for bribe for the supply of water. All embracing corruption of delhi jal board is running in this area. The people who are residing at harkesh nagar are constrained to drink polluted water of supply and the sample of the water has been given to the DJB Officers on the spot and Delhi’s govt. is to remain effortless. Opportunely Former anticipatory Mr. Vikram bidhuri said in his salutation that by doing wrong commitments AAP party came in existence and it is success in misdirecting the people of delhi but failed to fulfill the commitments about providing electricity and water which are the important and basic issues for the people. Delhi has known the credibility gap of AAP’s Govt.  and got down on the road for the completion of that commitments has been committed to the public. The head engineer of DJB, Mr. Subhash Arya has arrived to the picket and assured the public and said that really water scarcity is a very pathetic problem in this area, and I assure you that we’ll try our best to take a step for this situation at the end of this week.

After that Mr. Ramesh Bidhuri ji also recommended to the people that we give them a particular time of one week and suspend this picket today but if any strict step has not been taken by DJB then we’ll enclose from roadway to assembly and Kejriwal’s house also.