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20.Jan.2017 || Under the Umbrella of a tweet, kejriwal trying to mislead the public

By January 20, 2017October 28th, 2021No Comments

Today on the 20/01/2017, Our Hon’ble M.P Sh. Ramesh Bidhuri, (South) submits as under that Mr. Kejriwal is misleading the public. Mr Kejriwal’s tweet with reference to the CBI Investigation in the Sisodia’s Case, which was also published in numerous newspapers and was the news of the day. Kejriwal on every note now n then delude the innocent public and the fresh matter is of the CBI’s Probe and investigation in Sisodia’s case.

Under the Constitutional system nobody is over and above law, various investigation agencies on the basis of evidence, complaint and facts conducts the process of investigation and to the furtherance procedures like ‘arrest’ are conducted only after ascertaining the facts on the ground. In the case of Mr. Sisodia too the investigation is being conducted under the recommended and the usual process of trial as prescribed by the statute and at this point of time the stage is of investigation and merely on the stage of investigation kejriwal alleging that the CBI is deliberately avoiding his arrest. The aforesaid statement of kejriwal clearly states his intent that on one end he is provocating the CBI, to invariably in the rush arrest Mr. sisodia, and on the other hand is trying to deceive the common public by injecting the feel that due to the influence of power CBI is intentionally preventing sisodia’s arrest and imbibing the sense of inequality among the public.

This is utter painful to submit that kejriwal is trying his best by way of his misleading arguments and statements as well as by newspapers and tweets to prove that the investigation by the CBI, is malafide and frivolous. It would be pertinent to mention here by virtue of kejriwal’s deeds, the common public has now understood the modus operandi and the tactics he is following eversince he has been on the chair of the Chief Minister Of Delhi. Now it’s hightime tolerating and the right time has come to bust this hippocracy and re-establish a new and effective government.